Waste Paper for Paper Mills

We are currently souring materials through our principals in Japan, and we can offer high quality Paper Waste and Paper Scap in any quantity for Paper Mills in India.

– Gypsum Powder Sack Kraft Paper Bag Cuttings – 10,000 Tons per month
– ONP & OINP Waste Paper
–¬†JMIX and low grade SOP for making Duplex board

We are always on the look out for prospective suppliers from around the world who can meet our demand with the right quality and right price and willingness to work with us for mutual benefits.

Sack Kraft Bag Waste Paper

SOP - Sorted Office waste Paper


Reprocessed Plastic Granules (RP)

We offer high quality recycled plastic granules, recycled granules, recycle processed granules and recycled pp granules for various plastic industries and applications.

OPS Mix Colour Pellet
OPP Mix Colour Pellet
HDPE Black Color Pellet
LDPE Mix Color Pellet
LDPE Blue Color Pellet with 5% PET 25t/M
LDPE Mix Color Pellet with 20% PA 50t/M

OPS Mixed Color Pellet

OPS film recycling pellet (GPPS)
Color: Mix color
Original Material: OPS printed film for food packaging
Pelletize: strand type or die face cutting type

OPP Mixed Color Pellet

OPP Film Recycling Pellet
Color: Mix color
Original Material: OPP Printed Film for Food Packaging